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Price List



Price List



 Stabled Livery With all year Turnout



DIY Livery (from £25 per week)
Whether you are working on a budget, or simply enjoy the challenge of “doing it yourself”, this option may be the one for you. Additional services (such as turning in/out, mucking out, etc) are available at extra charge if required, enabling you to tailor your livery to fit around you. Storage is provided for  bedding, and   feed store. You will also have full access to our facilities.




Part Livery (from £80 per week)
Feed, hay and bedding are provided, as is either turning out your horse or bringing it in from grazing. Additional services (such as mucking out, etc) are available at extra charge if required, depending on what you and your horse require. Naturally, you will have full access to our facilities.



Full Livery (from £110 per week)
The full Monty Feed, hay, bedding and daily care of your horse will be provided, along with full access to our facilities.




Holiday Livery
Full livery care of your horse while you are away, be it just for a weekend or a year. This can include exercising of your horse if you require this



There comes a time in every horse owners life when things are not going as planned. It could be that your youngster is ready for breaking or that your young horse is not progressing as required, sometimes it could just be that your horse has reached a stage that you can not progress beyond, or when it comes time to sell do you want your horses skills sharpened up and shown to their best advantage. Whatever your situation

Mucking Out (labour only) £5.00 per time

Feeding (Stabled Liveries) £0.50 per time

Grooming (Stabled Liveries) £4.00 per time


Clipping full clip only £15.00 per time

Exercise, Lunging £5.00 per 1/2 Hour

Horse walker £2.00 per 30 minutes

Schooling £10.00 per 1/2 Hour

Tack Cleaning£5.50 per time


Lesson £10.00 per 30 minutes


Turn Out or Bring In from Field (includes change of Rugs) £1.00 per time

Bathing your horse/ponies with hot water (extra charge applies) £5.00 per time

Laundry Facility Coming soon (extra charge applies)


Worming - We operate a strict worming programme with all horses on the yard being wormed at the same time. All new horses are wormed on arrival. Thereafter client's horses/ponies must be wormed as part of our normal programme. Clients are charged for wormers at retail price